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Save time and money with durable equipment and peripherals that are perfectly compatible with your solution.

Functionalities & benefits


Keep up with technology advancements by replacing your legacy server at least every five years. Modernizing your servers will prevent problems like breakage, unstable network, and system slowdown. Your business is constantly improving, and so should your server.

UPS Batteries

Power interruptions are known to cause system crashes and data loss. Installing UPS batteries in your system can be a critical tool to avoid disruptions and save your digital data, customer records, financial information and your server.


Improve your administrative staff performance drastically by providing them with powerful workstations. Raise your efficiency using our range of peripherals to create workstations for your administrative needs, including computers, screens, keyboards, mice, and laser printers.

Print Server

No need to purchase a printer for every workstation. Customizable print servers are easy to install and save on printer costs, supplies, and maintenance by having multiple users share fewer printers.

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