ACCEO Activefax

Send documents to customers and suppliers directly from your management software by fax or email, in seconds.

Functionalities & benefits

Communicate effectively

Quickly send information to customers and suppliers and follow up on your communications effectively.

Use Activefax to send documents from any of your applications and enable customers and suppliers to receive documents immediately.

Verify the status of documents sent and the exception list on your ACCEO Activefax console.

Save time

Automatic faxing from your management software, on any workstation, with minimal effort.

Increase employee productivity by sending documents in just a few clicks thanks to ACCEO Activefax’s automated sending feature.

Reduce administrative tasks as all the settings and details are conveniently specified in the customer and supplier records. Save time by working with mailing lists automatically created in your management software.

Minimize costs

Save by reducing your postage fees and expediting the collection of payables.

Lower your administrative costs by reducing the time spent on manual filing and document searches.  Eliminate printing and postage costs for documents you usually mail to customers and suppliers. Assign more profitable tasks to your employees, such as payment collection.

Several document types

Send a variety of documents directly from your software.

Send your purchase orders, account statements, invoices, and documents by fax or email, depending on customer and supplier preferences.

The document owner can be updated on a transmission result with automatically printed send reports or email notifications.

Network-wide access

Save unnecessary steps—documents can be sent from any workstation.

Save time by sending documents from any workstation in your network.

By entering extension numbers, incoming faxes are automatically routed directly to the user in-box. Automatic printing on a particular workplace printer and automatic forwarding of received faxes by email can be individually configured for each user. Access to documents is strictly controlled by the permission level of each user.

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