Omni X10 Version

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New features

Transaxion POS

Signature required or not for a return

To make the electronic signature mandatory or not when returning a product, a new parameter has been added to the Configurator.

Disabling printing for Dokmail customer

A new setting has been added in the Configurator to disable the printing of customer invoices by default.

NEW: ACCEO Self-Checkout

The ACCEO Self-checkout is now available for purchase with the X10 version of your solution and the ACCEO Transaxion Point of sale. In a free-standing or counter version, the Self-checkout is the turnkey solution to optimize your customers’ shopping experience in-store while optimizing your internal processes! You would also benefit from optimized personnel management, especially in times of labor shortages.

Excel improvement

Reports open automatically in an Excel spreadsheet

Now, when a report is generated in Excel format, it automatically opens on the screen in Excel. The user no longer needs to retrieve the report from the transfer folder and open it in Excel. 

Export of the replenishment report in Excel

It is now possible to export the replenishment report in Excel format. The Excel option is now available in the print selection.


New rounding rule for batch processing

It is now possible to use the rounding rules when processing batch price changes. To do so, a new maintenance is available to enter the rounding rules you want to apply. These rules will then be used when processing batch price changes. 

Canceling cross-index in batches

Cross-indexes in Omni can display information from vendors that have been around for a long time. This has an impact on the purchase order or on the replenishment. With this new option, you will be able to cancel obsolete cross-indexes.


Price product analysis option

This new tool allows a user to easily find the prices offered to a customer for specific products as well as warehouse-based inventory and sales data. 


Batch change vendor status to inactive

Functionality has been added to the Vendor – Cancellation option to batch change the status of suppliers to inactive, based on the date of the last purchase.

General Ledger

Purging obsolete account documents

In order to purge documents when accounts have become obsolete or have never been used, the system now allows you to stop printing $0 values on the trial balance and the financial statements. 

Deferred printing

Purging deferred printing

Over time, the deferred printing folder can be quite large and cause a slowdown of the system. A new option can now automatically purge lists based on a specified date. 

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