One solution to the labour shortage

Self-checkout: One solution to the labour shortage

The issue of labour shortages has been making headlines in Canada for a few years now and the situation does not appear to be improving. Its effects have extended across all business sectors, including the hardware and building materials industry.

Companies have had to rethink their business model in order to mitigate staff shortages and recruitment challenges. Businesses are faced with having to deliver equal or better service with fewer employees without compromising their operational performance. Many companies have already started to implement solutions that focus on increasing their operational efficiency and keeping their staff motivated.

Investing in new equipment to automate specific processes within your business can be a viable solution. And that’s where introducing a self-checkout solution can provide valuable opportunities.

Optimized management for retailers

Retailers can draw on the many advantages of self-checkouts to increase efficiency and productivity:

  • Improved resource allocation: With just one employee assisting customers, more staff is available on the sales floor. Employees can then focus on performing more substantial tasks that require human skills and expertise.
  • Quick employee training: The touch screen and graphic interface make the system easy to set up and learn. This shortens the time required to train employees, which gives retailers an advantage when staff turnover is an issue.
  • Increased number of checkout stations: Several self-checkout kiosks are smaller than traditional checkout counters, making it possible to install more of them in smaller spaces. This increases customer throughput and reduces line-ups.
  • Accessible anytime: Self-checkout, unlike traditional checkout counters, does not require a dedicated operator. This is particularly useful when you are short-staffed or experiencing a high influx of customers in the store. Also, most self-checkout systems feature an offline mode, so they remain operational even when the internet is disconnected.


Contrary to some belief, self-checkouts do not steal jobs from cashiers. In today’s labor shortage environment, they allow them to perform diversified tasks and have more time to assist customers. For all these reasons, they are an essential ally to face the challenges related to the lack of human resources.

Finally, the self-checkouts not only meet the needs of retailers to optimize their operations and personnel management, but they also offer a better shopping experience to consumers. In fact, they have been widely adopted over the past few years and customers see them as a way to save time and increase efficiency at the cash. We will discuss this in more detail in a future blog, so stay tuned!


Self-checkout solutions for hardware stores and garden centres

ACCEO recently introduced new self-checkout solutions that seamlessly integrate with its OGC, Omni, and Profitmaster management software. Now is the time to try our solutions!

For more information or to inquire with our sales team, go to:

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