Why is Sales Analytics Important?

What data do you need to know faster to keep your retail business successful? Is it your top-selling products? Is it your sales performance? Is it your inventory levels?

If you’ve answered yes to one or all these questions, perhaps your legacy system lacks the speed and capabilities to keep up with your current reporting demands. Or maybe your systems are disconnected and have no capacity to share data.

Whatever the reason, there’s an opportunity for your business to benefit from a Sales Analytics Dashboard for your mobile devices that gets you the answers that you need—fast, effortlessly, and accurately.

Performance at your fingertips

Taking a proactive approach to tracking sales and performance is how leading retailers stay ahead of the competition. When you have live access to data on key business functions, you are in a position to take immediate action.

For longer-term planning, using a live, up-to-date, sales performance management tool that connects to your POS is equally effective. Having an accurate snapshot of today’s trending products makes it possible to plan future promotions at the store level or across the chain. Understand what sells best and at which location, and never run out of a best-seller.

In fact, decision-making across your retail operations can be streamlined using immediate sales data to forecast stock levels, product assortment, and pricing more accurately.

Inventory made easier

One challenge that most retailers have in common is how to stay on top of inventory. A Sales Analytic Dashboard that provides real-time insights can help you quickly identify, track, analyze, and manage products throughout their lifecycle.

Seeing how business is doing becomes all the more important when you are away from the store. Top-selling items, returns for the day—all the data to review your sales performance is a tap away on your Android device, iOS, tablet, phone or handheld computer (TC25).

The data that is shared from your POS to your mobile screen can then easily be exported to Excel, which then makes inventory reporting and updating more efficient and accurate.

Daily Dashboards and Comparative Analyses

Are you meeting your sales goals? Dashboards and analyses can help you measure your progress quickly and easily.

With instant access to the daily, hourly, and average sales or the number of transactions by department, you can track real performance against established goals daily. Query your database anywhere and obtain up-to-date store sales, comparative analysis. Then leverage the concrete and timely data to identify and track best and worst styles, trends, and promotions, and set new goals that align with the current business reality.

Using a mobile Sales Analytics Dashboard, your retail business can have the capabilities that you need to make decisions and answer questions on-the-go, backed by your latest sales data.


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