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4 tips to prevent shoplifting at self-checkout

Self-checkouts have gained in popularity over the past few years. However, some retailers have noticed that this can lead to a higher risk of theft in their stores. Fortunately, there are some security measures that can be done to prevent shoplifting when you have a self-checkout in your store. Discover our 4 tips.

ACCEO Self-Checkout: The Cash-and-Carry Solution

There are many reasons why a self-checkout solution will be effective in your store for your cash-and-carry customers. With technology improvements and advancements, it’s simple to install one or more self-checkout stations in your store to assist with your customer throughput. At ACCEO, we’ve combined the best of our software solutions with market-leading hardware to address your self-checkout needs.

6 Benefits of Getting a Bank of Hours!

Have you ever replaced your computer and then had to reinstall the ACCEO Solution on the new device? Or moved a printer from one place to another in your store and found that you had to configure it all over again? If your answer is yes, discover the six benefits of getting a bank of hours in this article written by Sophie Larouche.

Why upgrade my PIN pads?

Having access to the latest technologies, reducing the risk of fraud in your business, or even increasing the satisfaction of your customers are just some of the good reasons to upgrade your PIN pads! Find out all the benefits in our blog by Kristin Los.