Go Mobile with ACCEO’s Handheld Inventory Management Solution

When it comes to your business, you put your best foot forward. It’s time to step it up and increase your efficiency with the Handheld Inventory Management Solution from ACCEO, an essential inventory tool for hardware stores, building centers, lumberyards, and retailers. Compatible with the Zebra TC devices, this solution can easily be integrated with your current day-today inventory management process.

With its user-friendly interface and ability to track products in real-time, you’ll find yourself helping more customers in a day and spending less time troubleshooting your old RF equipment. A cost-effective solution to your current system, the Handheld Inventory Management Solution is essential to any business that wants to simplify their process to an all-in-one device. Equipped with walkie-talkie mode, quick cellular connection, and a real scanner, employees can easily access these options all within the palm of their hands. With no additional training necessary, employees can use the walkie-talkie mode for quick and clear communication across departments with no more dropped calls!

Utilizing the barcode scanning feature has never been easier to order products, create purchase orders, and verify orders on the go. This feature allows you to take physical counts directly from the shelves and speeds up your targeted, cyclical, and complete stocktaking processes. Resulting in your inventory always being organized and updated in real time.

While the system lets you know what you have in stock, it also lets you know when you are running low. Instantly order products by scanning their shelf labels and create purchase orders directly from the aisles.

When choosing the best solution for your store, consider the following benefits:

Easily track products in real time

  • Reduce wait time with product information in hand
  • Scan and receive product information directly from the pallets


Fast response time

  • Communicate quickly across departments with the Walkie-Talkie mode
  • Fast Bluetooth and Wi-Fi for quick inventory checks


Improved customer experience

  • Accurate pricing is always on display
  • Reduce lineups with advance ordering capabilities


Efficiently manage purchase orders

  • Order products and create purchase orders instantly from the aisle
  • Verify existing orders


ACCEO’s management solutions and services are based on creating innovative solutions and providing their clients with the tools to maximize their efficiency and profitability. Put the same innovation to work in your business – with ACCEO’s Handheld Inventory Management Solution.


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